Your Wardrobe,
Your Style.

Rangement Plus offers you storage systems custom-made of sustainable quality material for your wardrobe.

From your free estimate to your installation, our experts will design the storage system you have been dreaming about for your wardrobe in high-range furniture or mesh shelves.

Our specialists in storage system determine your actual storage needs aligned with your lifestyle while respecting your needs both on a practical and aesthetic level.

Storage solutions suiting
all budget

  • Without cleaning and maintenance
  • Corner shelves that reduce the loss of storage
  • Deluxe high range furniture with choice of 4 to 5 drawers

Diversified choices of colors for doors and drawers offering a unique style that harmonizes with all decor

  • Pull-out tie and belt holder
  • Double section for pants and shirts increasing your storage space
  • Acrylic organizer that permit to efficiently use your shelves

Height storage shelf for seasonal items, storage boxes, etc.

  • Shoe shelves to keep them at an angle and get them off the floor
  • Central section of storage on multiple levels of shelves
  • Free slide shelving designed to allow hangers to glide from wall-to- wall without interruption
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