Your Walk-in,
Your Style.

Rangement Plus offers you storage systems custom-made of sustainable quality material for your walk-in closet.

From your free estimate to your installation, our experts will design the storage system you have been dreaming about for your walk-in closet in high-range furniture or mesh shelves.

Our specialists in storage system determine your actual storage needs aligned with your lifestyle while respecting your needs both on a practical and aesthetic level.

High range cabinet:
suspended to liberate the ground

  • Shelves that maximise the storage
  • Value-added drawers with a jewel velvet, acrylic organizer and more
  • Laundry basket built-in the furniture for convenience and discretion

High range furniture:
option of drawers to hide storage

  • Frosted glass door that offers a neat appearance
  • Profile drawers for easy opening and closing cushion
  • Pull-out closet mirror and pant rack

High range furniture to the ground :
giving more drawers and storage possibilities

  • Horizontal opening door system
  • Shoe storage extended
  • Furniture sections closed for more discretion

Mesh shelves storage design :
to fit your needs

  • Free slide shelving designed to allow hangers to glide from wall-to-wall without interruption
  • Shoe shelves to keep them at an angle and get them off the floor
  • Several options available to customize your storage

Wide range:
of handles available

  • Complete your project with shoes storage
  • Possibility of a central island
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