Your Laundry room,
Your Style.

Rangement Plus offers you storage systems custom-made of sustainable quality material for your laundry room.

From your free estimate to your installation, our experts will design the storage system for your laundry room in high-range furniture.

Our specialists in storage system determine your actual storage needs aligned with your lifestyle while respecting your needs both on a practical and aesthetic level.

Storage solution to combine
business with pleasure

  • Countertop to get the folding space necessary in any laundry room
  • Folding ironing board available for cabinets
  • Sliding baskets easy to use to complement usefully the laundry room

Style harmonized with
the adjacent bathroom

  • Cabinets welcoming the necessary products of the laundry room
  • Horizontal opening door system for an easy access to storage
  • Closet tilt-out hamper basket available for cabinets
  • Hanging section that is both practical and discreet
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