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Rangement Plus offers you more storage accessories to organize your living space: wardrobe, walk-in, pantry, laundry room, playroom, garage storage, etc.

From your free estimate to your installation, our experts will help you see it more clearly with our storage accessories and finally say goodbye to the clutter.

Respecting your taste, style and budget, our storage system planning specialists are listening to your needs from both a practical and aesthetically.

Folding ironing board

  • Folding ironing board with sliding frame
  • Ideal for cabinets and closets
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of the assembly and storage

Acrylic organizer

  • Acrylic panel serving as divider
  • Accessory that structure your spaces
  • Removable to allow adjustments

Acrylic compartment

  • Acrylic separator for drawer
  • Storage accessory that offers effective divisions
  • Decreases movement and the risk of mess when opening and closing the drawer

Acrylic compartment for glasses

  • Acrylic separator for drawer
  • Secure storage accessory for glasses
  • Avoids contact and the risk of mess when opening and closing the drawer

Lock and key to secure

  • Side locking system with key
  • Ensures the security and privacy of your goods
  • Discreet accessory that fits all decor

Clothes basket

  • Closet tilt-out hamper basket both practical and discreet
  • Storage accessory that blends with any decor
  • Maintenance and easy handling

Sliding baskets

  • Sliding baskets easy to use
  • Storage accessory that provides two separate compartments
  • Ideal complement to the laundry room

Velvet jewelry box

  • Velvet jewelry box drawer
  • Storage accessory available in various colors
  • Blends with all styles
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