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To guide you to the best storage solutions for your wardrobe, walk-in, pantry, laundry room, playroom, garage and more… here are some tips from our experts to see more clearly.

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Spring; a wind of change!

Spring: deliverance of the cold weather, shoveling, hermitage, peels of clothes to endless.
Quietly, we take advantage of the longer days, we advance the hour…

It is known, the winter period is synonyme of cocooning; we enjoy our cozy comfort, we hibernate.
And then, the sweetness of spring brings us a taste for change, we revitalize our spaces; we open our windows, from floor to ceiling we clean clean clean!

And all of a sudden, the reality strikes us! We take a look at our wardrobes and realize that we have accumulate things like a squirrel and its hazelnuts!
How can we tidy up before summer?

Well, that’s when we can help you.
An estimate gives you access to the service of our professionals to target your storage needs and to put order in your spaces. Adapt to your lifestyle, your storage will definitely be better thought so better tidy!

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Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

They clog unquestionably our front closet, bedroom or even the garage?
We are left with a range of shoes, boots, sandals in inappropriate places, we get “orphan” shoes, you get into a treasure hunt daily …

Yet the solution is simple: furniture or mesh shelves to optimize your storage in a simple and affordable way.

The inclination brought to your shoe storage retrieves an access floor area.

That is the simple and practical way to eliminate this source of frustration or in way of becoming it!

So do not wait, contact our experts to help you see it more clearly.

Regain your garage!

Its primary function is to park the car, but the garage is the room in the house that allows us to shipshape other rooms.
We must not hide the fact that we store “temporarily” then permanently mountains of objects we do not want elsewhere such as tools, garden supplies, decorations and so on.
We can barely find something, but we still hope to find a place as small as it can be to put something else; it’s getting more upside down!

The first step is to separate the objects into categories. Afterwards, we list the items to easily find what we seek, including tools, gardening items, toys, sports items, household products, decorations, etc. After all listed, it is possible to visualize the necessary storage space to give each category.

The second step is to choose the type of storage that is desired: wire shelves, closets, cabinets, wall rails, hooks, etc. To advise and make your job easier, meet one of our experts who will develop what you need.

A clear and accessible parking space, it is possible!

Fall cleaning again!

Autumn means storing outdoor furniture, raking leaves, perform outdoor work due to the change of season.
It’s also arrange your interior spaces that will be tested in the upcoming weeks. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Make your garage functional
Because the cold will be settled soon, priorise cleaning your garage to be able to enter the car.
To help you, read our tips “Regain your garage.”

2. Put some order in your decorations
With Halloween, Christmas … we accumulate beautiful decorations. To avoid losing control, take the time to bring order in them.
First, priorise the decorations in good condition that you will use again.
Those you will no longer use can be offered to organizations, friends, family, etc. If your are unsure, give them less space and identify storage boxes to remember what’s inside over time.

Second, make an inventory of what needs to be renewed. You will avoid buying twice the same item and everything will be ready to use next time!

3. Sorting clothes
Change of season means change of wardrobe. It is essential to release all your storage spaces; main entrance, wardrobes, walk-in …
To do this, give plenty of space to seasonal clothing (boots, hats, mittens, coats, warmest sweaters…) and for the others put them on other storage shelves in height or less important closets .
You can also consider adding storage accessories like hooks.

The mission seems complex or impossible?
Our experts in planning storage system will certainly make it easy!